Why this blog?

Unless community is thought of as the primary category, equality and liberty conspire against fraternity – Phillip Blond

This little blog started with a big question: ‘what are the best ways to achieve the equitable distribution of wealth so as to advance the good of each person in the community?’

‘Distribusi’ engages with this question by providing fresh insights to inspire people to look around, make good decisions and then take action for the common good. It focusses on political economy, civil society and social business to achieve this.

Community-focussed political economy

Distribusi believes in the desirability of ‘community’ rather than state or market taking primary place in  political economy (defined by John Médaille as a ‘humane science firmly embedded in human institutions’).

Civil society

Similarly, Distribusi believes in strengthening ‘civil society‘. Located somewhere between the market and the state; it is the place where people can best freely associate for the purposes of mutual advancement. We want to strengthen the integrity of civil society– as it is of primary importance for the health of democracy and, more broadly, for the fostering of human flourishing.

Social business

Many people are employed in businesses that prioritise profit and ‘shareholder value’ as almost ends in themselves. What if it was commonplace for people to use business profit for social good and actually own the business they work in?

A focus then of this blog is ‘social business‘, an emerging term that encompasses co-operative and mutual forms of enterprise, and beyond.

We want to assist the development of social business in Australia (where the blog is based) and further afield.

Do you share this vision?

If you want to see this vision realised then join the blog, feel free to learn, comment and challenge in an online environment that seeks to foster mutual respect. Over time Distribusi will welcome guest writers to contribute.

You can go here to find out why we have chosen the name ‘distribusi‘ and why we go for ‘liberality, equity and community.

Distribusi is dedicated to the memory of José María Arizmendiarrieta; a priest whose work led to the establishment of the Mondragon Corporation in the Basque region of Spain. You can learn about his legacy by reading Jobs of Our Own by Race Matthews.
Disclaimer: The principal author of this blog, Antony McMullen, is involved with various organisations in various capacities. The author is fortunate to believe in what these organisations wish to achieve. However, on occasion views will differ from the groups and people that the writer associates with on Distribusi, or elsewhere. Views held here are fallible.

One comment

  1. Dangerous Meredith

    Looks like a great blog Antony. You might like to hook up with Alexia Maddox – @alexiamadd on twitter. She is a sociologist and community focussed political economy is an area of research interest for her at the moment.

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