Political Economy

Distribusi contains articles and observations in the area of political economy.

Political economy  is defined by John Médaille as a ‘humane science firmly embedded in human institutions’. We cannot divorce economics from human relations.

Many people are now actively looking for economic alternatives that are not grounded in either state-led centralised techniques or in competition between disconnected individuals. This can be seen in the worldwide ‘occupy’ movement where people are actively exploring ideas like ‘localism’ as a way of empowering local communities, build civil society, and establish local enterprises to create opportunity.


Distribusi is informed by the political idea, ‘distributism’. Even though it sounds a little like a health condition, it is a little-known philosophy grounded in Catholic social thinking. However, you don’t need to be Catholic or other kind of Christian, or even religious, to be inspired by this philosophy that aims at creating a more equitable society based on a more just distribution of ownership. It’s not just about more people owning their own home; it’s also about having ‘jobs of our own’ (a phrase coined by Race Matthews in his book of the same name). Greater worker ownership of socially focussed business is a key part of the distributist idea.

Respectful dialogue

All kinds of people are inspired by distributism, and this blog welcomes respectful dialogue within and outside of this movement. Here are some helpful observations from the Moral Mindfield blog about distributism and the ‘occupy’ movement. Another, more technical introduction can be found here (by John Medaille).

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